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Whether you're a small business, non-profit, individual, initiative, or project, we're happy to assist you in connecting with a public audience, speaking with public servants, and creating policies and plans to support your goals.

The success of public work relies on effective and engaging communication tools. Social and digital media is a constantly competitive overcrowded space. You need to stand out among the noise, get your message across, and get people to meaningfully engage.

Cobalt works with clients  to improve their public presence, frame messaging, improve content, and obtain meaningful data to improve effectiveness. Whether it’s a social post, public speech, news release, press statement, web content, etc. we are here to help you succeed. We also specialize in the strategic communications around issues management and responses to public perception.

Additionally, if you are a candidate, riding association, political party, or non-profit operating in the political sector, we are experienced to work with you to improve the effectiveness of your outreach through content development, media relations, event organizing, public appearances, brand development, and issues management.



Government plays a key role in the decision making and leadership around many issues. Often businesses, NGOs, research institutions, etc. rely on the government for funding support, networking with national/international communities, public exposure, social licence, etc.

Not a lot of individuals have the expertise and networks to build an effective and targeted government relations strategy with key decision makers, their staff, and public service body at large. Government Relations largely relies on the networks of people you know, who can help connect you with people you need to reach. That’s where Cobalt comes in.

For years, we have closely worked with lawmakers, their staff, and different members of the public service at the various levels of government throughout Canada. It takes experience, carefully curated relationships, and know-how to meaningfully advocate for a cause and/or organization.. Our firm has a large ever growing network.



Strong organizations have effective policies. Organizations rely on an infrastructural framework that serves their purpose. These policies can either be internal facing, where they cover governance, and shape an organization’s operations and identity, or these policies can be externally directed, based on causes or issues that are of focus for an organization.

Cobalt will work with you to develop policies, create policy formats that work with your organization, operate robust policy manuals, review legislation pertaining to issues you care about, develop written submissions to government committees, ministries, boards, etc., advise you on ongoing policy development and management. We understand that each organization is different, the Cobalt Team has experience working with a diversity of different clients. We are happy to work with your team throughout a policy process to ensure that you are satisfied and have the tools to operate a policy suite effectively thereafter.

We also provide institutional knowledge services for organizations that would prefer to have their policy development and management handled externally due to high staff turnover or a lack of resources to perform such activities in-house.

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