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Canada is spending $335.6 bn in 2019-20

Canada will make

$338.8 bn in 2019-20

Canada's GDP will grow by 1.9%

education, jobs & housing.

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Student loan interest rate is reduced to prime

Loans have a 6 month interest-free period

First time home buyers can withdraw upto $35,000 from their RRSP

Shared equity mortgages for households making <$120k

$1.7 bn over 5 years for a new Canada Training Benefit


$1 bn over 2 years from 2022 to create the Canadian Drug Agency

Additional $30.5 mn over 5 years towards the Opioid Crisis

$25 mn over 5 years for a national suicide prevention service

sustainability & innovation.

A Federal incentive of upto $5000 for buying a clean vehicle that costs <$45,000

Upto $6 bn over 10 years to bring high speed internet to rural Canada

$100 mn over 3 years for to increase Western Economic Diversification programming


$150 mn over 5 years to support SMEs develop technology for lunar orbit and the moon's surface


sustainability & innovation.

$4.5 bn over 5 years to close the gap of living conditions for Indigenous communities

$1.2 bn over 3 years to support access to government services for First Nations children

$824 mn over 10 years to support Indigenous access to post-secondary education

$739 mn over 5 years to eliminate and prevent long-term drinking water advisories

defence & foreign affairs.


$135 mn over 6 years for post-service life  transition for Veterans

$1.39 bn over 2 years to renew the Middle East Strategy including diplomatic, military, and intelligence activities


$105.6 mn over 3 to renew Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine

justice & public safety.

The information we've provided only contains highlights that we've identified most people would find generally useful. There are a host of other spending initiatives carried out by the Government of Canada that affect the daily lives of Canadians.

learn more.

We encourage you to learn more about the different spending included in Budget 2019 by clicking the link below. 

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$144.9 mn over 5 years for Canada's cyber-security infrastructure

$1.18 bn over 5 years for border security and asylum claim processing

$151.23 mn over 5 years to improve emergency management 

$22.24 mn over 3 years to combat child sexual exploitation

Additional $2 mn per year to protect community gathering places from hate crimes

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