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We believe in starting things off on the right foot. Our first step involves getting to know you better; to understand what you may need.

We get a feel for the general situation, map out your goals, and try to identify any significant factors for consideration through this process.



At the introduction we may ask you for any items, like documentation, that would be useful for our consideration during the assessment.

Once we have our analysis completed, we provide you with a proposal of what needs to be done, and the steps forward.



Once we have an understanding and agreement on the work to be performed, along with the timelines and costs, we get started.

We keep you updated and informed of the progress of the work in a timely fashion. The process can be quite interactive and require feedback.

If we need to partner with individuals or organizations to complete, we will inform you of this in the proposal.

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We keep our process flexible because a one-size-fits-all approach does not often work. We can customize to fit your needs.

We keep you informed and engaged throughout the process, and are happy to answer your questions.

We are happy to consider clients seeking long term support and ongoing contracts for the services we provide.

Interested in working with us or learning more?

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